Types of Pop-ups

Types of Pop-ups[edit]

Modern flip-out camper
In addition to the traditional pop-up campers described above, there are a number of special types of pop-ups on the market:

High wall pop-ups
Feature a taller box which allows for residential-height countertops and more storage space.
Motorcycle campers
Lightweight pop-ups small enough to be pulled by a motorcycle.
Toyhauler pop-ups
Include an open cargo deck for transporting ATVs, motorcycles, etc.
Off road pop-ups
Feature rugged construction and raised suspension for off road use.
small solid wall folding camper.
Flip-out camper
Features a roof which flips over to become a bunk. Uses a tent roof instead of a hard roof.
Inflatable Trailer
Sets up quickly by blowing compressed air into side walls and roof

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